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We are a ‘partner retailer’ with Certainly Wood who process kiln dried logs and firewood. We are one of there top 50 retailers in the UK.

Certainly Wood only supplies hardwood sourced from local sustainable British woodland.  

For stoves it is important to burn wood with less than 20% moisture content and as this cannot be assured with “seasoned logs”  we now only stock and recommend Certainly Wood premium kiln dried logs.  They are of a consistent high quality as a result of kiln drying.    

We hold large stocks of bagged logs for immediate collection.

Certainly Wood's kiln dried logs are recommended by the UK's major stove manufacturers and Christies'.


Christie’s have been selling coal since 1956 and at one time was one of the largest coal merchants in Edinburgh.  While the demand for coal is not what it was in the past, we still hold in stock (for customer collection only) Homefire, Premium House Coal, Anthracite and Surefire.