Special Fabrications

All types of metal cut to size, no job too small.  Specials are regarded as a welcome challenge and the prompt provision of purpose made items to solve site problems is an essential part of Christie’s sheet metalwork service.

Typical fabrications have included –

  • Gutters & Rainwater systems or alterations to gutters (curved gutters to fit round turrets or architectural features are common jobs).
  • Flashings or Trims
  • Roof Hatch Recovers
  • Soakers and Ventilators
  • Splashbacks or Wall Cladding
  • Channels, Angles
  • Boxes, Trays
  • Kickplates, Handplates, Threshold Angles and Bullnoses.
  • Chimney Gathers, Register plates, Debris Plates.

NOTE: We do not carry out site work or measurements